Field Animators and Community Nurses

The Field Animators are educated local youth mostly tribal youth (plus Two and above) who are the fulcrum of the Swasthya Swaraj comprehensive community health programme. They are trained with knowledge and skills in health topics, communication skills and leadership skills. They conduct village meetings, organize awareness programmes, compile data, supervise Swasthya Sathis and take part in other village level programmes. There are at present 12 field animators. We are planning to build up their leadership and managerial skills.

The continuous search for an alternative, innovative solutions to revitalize primary health care and improve the health of the poor residing in remote unreached areas led us to set up a cadre of Community Nurses who are trained in the community.

Community Nurses are local tribal girls ( minimum qualification class 10, preferably plus two). This cadre of tribal women workforce understands the current health challenges and health systems of the country, is competent to work with the people and community in delivering public health interventions based on primary health care, and effectively responds to the needs and demands of the people in remote tribal areas.

This training programme is just initiated and will be affiliated to formal university soon. They are being trained by competent staff and innovative curriculum which will equip them with knowledge and skills and set of competencies to work with the community.